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October 2010
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e-relocation Asia

e-relocation Asia is a comprehensive online step-by-step relocation guide to Asia with numerous website links and specific management tools to organize relocation and expatriate life.

The generic information of e-relocation Asia is exclusively enhanced with on the spot links to our free websites and thus creating e-relocation Singapore and e-relocation Shanghai.

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This innovative approach to finding expatriates a new home in Singapore and Shanghai has an enormous impact on the relocation process of the modern expatriate. e-relocation Singapore and Shanghai enable expatriates to make the required fundamental lifestyle choices based on unbiased facts and information. Expatriate editors provide answers to the million questions 24/7 at a click of the mouse. As a result not only the transferee's transition period is reduced but also the assignment failure rate.

Why e-relocation: ideal for Relocating Expatriates

Contrary to the belief that a move means chaos, each relocation is a clearly structured process which can be divided into six recurring steps.

e-relocation tells expatriates exactly why, where, what and most important how to effectively organize the entire process while keeping your stress levels as low as possible.

The online guide operates like a coach with tools attached to manage the relocation process and the many stages of an expatriate life.

During the subscription, you, your partner and all family members are enabled to access e-relocation 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

e-relocation is linked to spot-on information of its sister toosl and with 25 sections on living and working in Singapore and Shanghai respectively.

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Why e-relocation: ideal for Human Resources

The long overdue e-relocation approach adapts relocation services to the requirements of the “new expatriate”.

The modern dual career couple in need of relocation information and assistance surfs the Internet prior to an assignment in Asia in order to make informed decisions affecting their career and family.

e-relocation Singapore feeds on their ability to transform information into action and results and thereby speeds up the settling in process. The hands-on DIY approach activates self-initiative and reduces dependency on expensive third party relocation consultants thereby improving return of investment for each assignment.

e-relocation Singapore complements any relocation package but also serves those still subject to comprehensive relocation services as it is accessible earlier than any traditional relocation service and remains available far beyond the point traditional relocation services cease to perform.

Singapore is mostly viewed as an easy plug-in-and-play assignment and often hailed as “Asia for beginners”.This provides the ideal training ground for companies to introduce and implement this cost reducing application in preparation employees for further postings in the region.

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