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January, 2011
new Property Portal launched for
in partnership with Singapore.

April 2009
New Property Portal launched for

October 2010
e-relocation available as subscription
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We provide niche website advertising by attaching relocation related brand name services to the various websites, which are linked to our online relocation guides. Thus the cost of relocation services is transferred from the multinational employer to the profit making service provider such as property agents, insurance companies, moving companies and others. We are often regarded as competition to traditional fee charging relocation companies but rather see ourselves as an alternative or completing rather than competing relocation service.

Once expatriates have been offered to take up a position in Asia, they start surfing the net to organize their pre-visit and move. Our award winning Google and Yahoo high ranking expat portals link to the crucial information needed before, during and after the move and provide on the spot links to the services and products of advertisers and anchor partners.

Many of our web site visitors are expatriate decision makers and managers of international companies expanding into Asia. Managing corporate and personal budgets while setting up the business and relocating, expatriates prefer to follow competent recommendations. Business connections with people speaking their mother tongue are appreciated. With little time for personal research new expatriates rely on professional product and service providers, who convince with competence and efficiency.

Our target groups tend to stay with their first point of contact in a foreign country and develop sustainable business relationships. Once a satisfied client, they will recommend your products and services to other expatriates, opening doors to more business opportunities.

Our websites attract about 1 million hits per month and are visited by over 65.000 surfers from over 130 countries.

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